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Accounting is the language of business .this process includes entering the transaction data in the accounting software from the source document which may be paper-based or in digital format. After this various reports can be generated based on the data monthly basis and yearly basis like profit & loss account, Balance Sheet & Cash flow statement. A business owner can know about the financial position and about profit & loss from accounting reports.

Our expert will create your accounting report and pass the financial transaction and create your accounting report quickly, hassle free and economically.


(up to 100 transactions in a month)

Starts at INR 2,480 Only per month 




Finalisation of accounts

It includes finalisation and reconciliation of every account so financial statements can be prepared. it will be helpful in taking decision and auditing purpose. 

Submitting of Required Document

It includes submitting required documents like Bank statement or credit card statement.


Bookeeping & Accounting


Documents Required

 (Scanned Self Attested Copy)

  • Bank statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Invoices
  • Any other statement




                   (1 Day)                   

 Our expert will contact you to discuss important details and will collect required documents and information.      


Application Preparation

                    (1-2 Days)                     

Our expert will prepare application along with required documents & will keep you updated. 


Financial Reports


Our expert  will prepare and share various financial reports (Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss A/c) on the weekly or monthly basis.       


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