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A Goods & Service Tax return is a mandatory return for individual/organization which are registered under GST.There are various GST returns like GSTR-1,GSTR-2,GSTR-3 & GSTR-4 etc.GSTR-1 contains details of outward supplies which is due on 10th of the month for the previous month.GSTR-2 contains details of inward supplies which due on 15th of each month.GSTR-3 contains details of whole month transaction which is due on 25th of each month.GSTR-4 applicable to business which has opted for composition scheme it is a quarterly return. All GSTR should be filed timely & correctly otherwise her are the provision of heavy penalty along with interest. 

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Our expert will contact you to discuss important details and will collect the required documents and information. 


GSTR Preparing and Filing

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Our expert will file required GSTRs to Income tax department along with the necessary supporting documents and will keep you updated on the progress.


GSTR Document

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Our expert will share GSTR filing documents with you.

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