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Income tax return filing(ITR) needs to be filled by an individual for having salary income proprietorship income and by various business entities like the Private limited company, Public limited company, and limited liability partnership etc. It’s a mandatory requirement for entities which are earning income and in some cases, even business is not earning income due to various reasons as carrying forward of losses or for tax exemption. Filing ITR is a tricky business which is time-consuming & confusing for most of the applicant, however, we will file your return quickly & easily. There are different ITR for the different type of income and business entity which has been explained below. It’s very important compliance avoidance of which may lead to income tax notice, penalty, interest and prison time.

Important Information

Who can file ITR 4?

  • Individual/HUF having opted for presumptive Income scheme for the business/profession under section 44AD, section 44ADA and section 44AE of the IT act.

Who can't file ITR 4?

In below case, One can’t file ITR 4-

  • Individual/HUF is having sales turnover of more than 2 crores from a business or gross receipts more than 50 lakhs from a profession.
  • Companies can not take benefit under this presumptive scheme as its only for individuals & HUF

What are required documents?

All documents related to income like Bank statement, income statement & other documents.

What is the last date for filing ITR 4 ?

it’s 31st July for Individuals and 30th September for busiensses unless increases by IT department for the year.

Pricing (All Inclusive)


Avoid penalty & interest

 Its mandatory requirement by IT dept. in most of the cases. Avoidance of which will lead to a penalty,  interest and prison time in some cases as well. 

Bank loan

ITR is an income proof which is important for applying for any type of loans like a car, Bike and personal loan.

Credit card

Bank may not provide a credit card if the applicant has not filled ITR’s.

Carry forwarded of loss

Carry forward of losses is only possible if applicant file ITR for respective years.

Visa Application

Visa authoroties required past income proof for issuing Visa especialy coutries like Canada, US & UK and ITR meaning income proof.

High Insurance cover

Life & health insurance cover amount depends on the insome , So ITR will help you to take higher over of insurance to protect yourself & familoies.

Address proof

ITR can be used for address proof in case one doesn’t have any other proof. 

Helpful for freelancers/Professional

A freelancer and Professional does not get form 16 like a salaried person gets. Hence ITR filling can be the only proof of income. 

TDS refund

In many cases , amount payer cuts TDS and deposited to government even you are not taxable, you can ask for the refund only via filing ITR.



Document Collection

ITR Filing




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Our expert will contact you to discuss important details and will collect required documents and information. 


ITR Preparing and Filing

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Our expert will file required ITR to Income tax department along with the necessary supporting documents and will keep you updated on the progress.


ITR Document

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Our expert will share ITR filing documents with you.

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