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A  Limited Liability Partnership is a business entity which combines the advantages of a Company and Partnership both. All partners of an LLP have limited liability for each individual’s protection, therefore, one partner cannot be responsible or liable for another partner’s misconduct or negligence, similar to that of the shareholders of a corporation, however, the partners cannot manage the business directly. An LLP has a very important advantage of limited liability of members and has all the advantages of a partnership, namely flexibility, a greater capital combination of different and diversified abilities, at the same time and it has advantages of limited liability, greater stability, and legal entity.

Our expert will help to register your LLP  quickly, hassle free and economically.


Pricing (All Inclusive)


Separate Legal Entity

A Limited liability partnership is a separate business entity and has right to own property and sue in its own name.

Good Borrowing Capacity

A Limited liability partnership can easily take a loan from banks and can issue debenture for the fund.

Better Stability and Credibility

A Limited liability partnership is a separate business entity and has to comply with many compliances hence it has better credibility and stability.

No Minimum Capital

No minimum capital is required.                         

Limited Liability

Partner’s personal properties will be safe from business liabilities.                                       

Audit Exemption

A Limited liability partnership does not need to get audited up to annual turnover of 40 lakhs or contribution up to 25 lakhs.




Name Reservation


Certificate of Incorporation

LLP Deed


Documents Required

 (Scanned Self Attested Copy)


PAN card

Passport size photograph(jpeg format)

ID proof: Voter ID/passport copy/adhar card/driving license

address proof: electricity bill/mobile bill/telephone bill Bank statement (not older than 2 months)

*Some additional documents if required by the authority

*All proofs should have the same name

*It can be registered at your residence as well

Office Premises

Lease Deed/Rent Agreement with latest rent receipts (If Rented)

NOC from owner with ID & Address Proof (If Rented)

Name should be same as mentioned in Utility bill/property tax receipts/sale deed

Sale Deed/Property deed in English

Utility bill (Not older than 2 months)



Apply Din/DSC

                   (1-2 Days)                     

Our expert will apply for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for required Directors.           


Name Approval

                    (3-5 Days)                     

Our expert will apply for the Name Approval of business entity in prescribed form submitted to the MCA as per naming guidelines.



                    (5-7 Days)                     

Our expert will submit incorporation documents to the MCA along with an application for incorporation.



                   (1-2 Days)                     

After Incorporation, Our expert will apply for the PAN & TAN for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members are mandatory to incorporate an LLP?

A minimum of 2 members is required to incorporate a limited liability company and there is no limit on maximum no.

How much capital is mandatory to incorporate an LLP?

There is no such requirment.

Can a Salaried person become the partner in an LLP?

Yes, there is no legal restriction on a salaried person on becoming the partner in an LLP Subject to the condition of the employment agreement.

Can NRIs or Foreigners be a director of a LLP?

Yes, NRIs or Foreigners can be partners in an LLP but any of one parner must be Indian resident.

Do Partners/Members need to be present physically during this process?

No, it is a fully online process. We need scanned copies of all the required documents and forms.

Is a physical office mandatory to incorporation?

No, it can be incorporated at a residential address as well.

Can a Private limited company be converted into an LLP or a Public Limited Company?

Yes, a Private limited company can be converted into LLP or Public Limited Company.

How to choose the name of the LLP?

  • Company name should not be similar to any other Private Limited, OPC, LLP or Public limited company.
  • Company name should not be registered trademark which is already taken under the IP Act.
  • The name should not be too generic and do not use abbreviations or adjectives.
  • The name should contain the main objective of the business like Tata use Tata “Consultancy“ Service.

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